In September 2014, Year 6 had the opportunity to see The Two Gentlemen of Verona live at the Newcastle Theatre Royal.  They took part in a practical workshop the morning before the performance.  Children commented:
Taking part in the workshop helped me to understand the story of the play.  I enjoyed acting a scene in my group.  YEAR 6
We met the two main actors, they gave us tips on how to perform well.  The actors, they gave us tips on how to perform well.  The actors waved to us at the beginning of the play from the stage  YEAR 6
Year 4 linked the play to their RE topic of The Gift of Friendship.  One boy commented Proteus is not a very nice friend, he is trying to get everyone to hate Valentine.
In November the rest of the school saw the live broadcast which generated a wide variety of work.  At the end of the production as the actors gave their final bows, Year 3 and 4 spontaneously stood up to applaud the performance.  The clapping continued for several minutes.  Children's comments included:
I love the Two Gentlement of Verona, even through I didn't understand some parts, the acting was great how they did it in Shakespeare language.  I would love to see it again.
My favourite character was Valentine because he was brave and heroic.
I enjoyed the play but I enjoyed the dog 'crab' best becasue he was very quiet but funny.  Launce was his owner.