Midsummer Night's Dream Fayre

Children from Year 6 wrote a piece of writing about the 'Midsummer Night's Fayre'
All the children set up all the stalls with our teachers, then we all waited in class rows for the Lord Mayor to open the 'Midsummer Night's Fayre' .  When she arrived the Lord Mayor cut the ribbon to open the'Midsummer Night's Fayre' .  The Lord Mayor gave a speech and then the Fayre was OPENED!  (by Idrees).
On our magnificent stalls, you could exchange tokens for turns in a variety of games, food, sweets and prizes!Some of the stalls included: 
  • Hook a duck for a brilliant prize
  • Scary jelly -  swap a token for some delicious jelly
  • Tin can alley - Knock the tins over for an award
  • The 'Titania Stocks' - Have a go at hitting the teacher (dressed up as Titania)in the face with wet sponges
  • Heart shaped sandwiches- tasty heart sandwiches filled with soft cheese and jam!  (by Asaba)
Our Midsummer Night's Fayre was an amazing day in general as we raised £199.00.  We all had fun and everyone of us contributed to the day, we all had a role in making it a happy and fun place.  (By Tahmid)