Each class generated a shakespeare wall display and children learnt facts about Shakespeare through a 'tweet of the Week'.   we also encouraged children to talk about and research Shakespeare at home:
I created a biography about William Shakespeare, it was fascinating.  Tahmid (Year 5)
I looked at the internet with my mam and found 100 facts about Shakespeare.  Robert (Year 2)
I went home and asked my Dad and he told me about Romeo and Juliet.  Olivia (Year 1)
I made a power point at afterschool to show them what I knew about Shakespeare.  Ellie (Year 6)
After doing work in the class I went home and found out about the battle of Agincourt because I was interested.  I understood the meaning of the tennis balls because they thought he was not an appropriate King.  Humyra (Year 3).
Callista (Year 4)  even asked for a box set of Shakespeare plays to read and a Shakespeare version of the brain box game.